DIY Plantation Shutters & Kits: Cheap Shutter Blinds That Are Easy to Install

Plantation window shutters offer timeless elegance and loads of functionality.

While we can offer a full Measure & Fit service at competitive prices but if you want to save a little more, why not buy DIY?

Our shutters are available in several different finishes, several configurations and they have options to help them fit cohesively into any design plan or window type. From fully opening panels to panels designed to tilt the slats, plantation shutters have several ways to help you control light and privacy in your home.

Given that impressive quality and range of options, UK customers are surprised at how cheap DIY shutters end up being.

Like any DIY project, planning, measuring and installation are the crucial steps for getting your plantation shutters perfect. We have guides to help you manage the project with ease from measuring to design and right through to installation.

Reasons to Consider DIY Shutters

Plantation shutters give a stunning impression. But they are also easy to choose and plan in a way that gives a custom solution to suit your exact needs.

The DIY process of installing interior window shutters is a rewarding one—who doesn’t like showing off such a good looking project to their friends and family?

These benefits come at a surprisingly cheap cost and discerning UK customers are flocking to them as a home decor option. Remember; cheap can still involve high quality!

Yes, "cheap" plantation shutters look this good!

Why Are Our Plantation Shutters So Cheap Given Their Quality?

Our customers in the UK are surprised at how cheap our shutters are when they draw up their budget. Especially when you consider their durability, wooden shutters can be purchased on a similar budget as good quality blinds.

We manage to offer a top-quality product at an attractive price because we work directly with our trusted shutter manufacturers.

As well, having the option of an easy DIY installation means that UK customers can save money on their total cost.

Assess Your Shutter Needs

Ordering shutters online is an easy process and the DIY installation is almost as simple. But you should decide carefully, measure exactly and consider your options fully.

When you’re thinking about shutter styles for your project take note of:

  • The dominant colours in the room. Do you want your shutters to coordinate or contrast?
  • How open your house is. In homes, or at least floors, that don’t have particularly separate spaces we recommend planning to coordinate your shutters across all rooms.
  • Do you want to block a lot of light or only reclaim some privacy? Consider how tier on tier and bay window shutters can help in these situations.
  • Do you want a traditional or contemporary look for your shutters? Customers who want the latter, often choose a wider slat width and a centred tilt bar.

If you’d like some help visualising what a certain finish will look like, we’d be happy to send you a free sample of our plantation shutter materials.

Want a custom colour? No problem!

What to Watch Out for When Doing it Yourself

Tricky points to watch for when planning your DIY shutter project include:

  • Do your windows open inwards? Or have large handles? These might be good candidates for an outside mounted shutter.
  • Other than cupboards or other doors besides the window you want to install shutters on? Will these affect how your shutters open?
  • If it’s winter think about how you’ll use your wooden shutters in summer, and vice versa.

We have plenty of experience walking customers through the finer points of their DIY shutter installation and will always be happy to help.

Measuring for Your Shutters

Plantation shutters look like they are a natural part of a window. Cheap blinds belong in a sterile office and curtains can easily get in the way.

But the attractiveness of plantation shutters depends on accurate measuring. For them to open and close smoothly they have to fit the window precisely.

Key tips to remember are:

  • Use the templates provided in the measure guides — and include the template in your measurement — and use our measurement worksheet.
  • Measure all windows separately and in three places, both horizontally and vertically.
  • A sturdy metal measuring tape is essential for this step. And this is one time when you want to make sure it is straight and level.
  • If you’re measuring for a mid rail partway up a window, measure to where you want the middle of the rail to be.
  • If you have any questions or run into difficulty you can always email us a photo of your window and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

Accuracy is so important that we have a separate blog post on how to measure plantation shutters. Have a closer look at it if you have any further questions about the process.

Measuring is a key part of the process. But you can still DIY, even for bay windows!

Order Plantation Shutters for UK Delivery

Once our customers realise how cheaply plantation shutters bring a top-quality look for their homes they go ahead and place an order via West Pier.

When you’re ready to order the important things to know are:

Because we work directly with manufacturers to make sure you get shutters that are perfect for your needs, there will be several weeks of lead time between placing your order and your shutters arriving.

If you’re in a hurry to receive your plantation shutters an express option may be available at extra cost, depending on the finish options you go with.

How to Install DIY Plantation Shutter Kits

Getting to take your window from bare to covered with attractive plantation shutters is one of the most fulfilling DIY projects. Follow the instructions carefully and keep these key milestones in mind:

  1. When your shutters arrive, start by making sure your DIY shutters includes all of its pieces. Larger, wider boxes will have the shutter panels, long narrow boxes contain your frame and all of the hardware (for all shutters in your order) will be together in a separate box.
  2. Clear away furniture and make sure you have plenty of floor space to work on.
  3. Assemble the frame first. Secure the mitred edges using the bowtie fixing.
  4. Offer the frame up to the window and affix it with screws.
  5. Use the hinge pin to connect the panels to the frame.
  6. Fine-tune the height of the shutters before fixing them with the locking screw.
Our DIY shutters have been designed for quick and easy installation with few tools

To dig deeper into this process, head over to our blog post about installing DIY plantation shutters. It has even more step-by-step detail that will help guide you through the process.

DIY Plantation Shutters Are an Elegant and Affordable Choice

Plantation shutters give an immediate impression of taste and elegance. They accomplish the unusual combination of at once looking both contemporary and as if they’ve always been there.

Especially when you handle the installation as a DIY project, the total cost is surprisingly cheap, given the high unmatched quality. Our customers tell us about how gratifying it is to point to such an attractive project and say “I did that.”

When you’re ready to get started on your plantation shutters, reach out and we’ll start walking you through the process. Throughout, West Pier is always there for our DIY customers.