Buy Wooden Plantation Shutters Direct from the Manufacturer

You’ve decided to consider plantation shutters for your home. That’s great news!

The fact that you’re here also means that you’ve made the wise decision to shop for your wooden shutters direct.

We’ve carefully vetted the best plantation shutter manufacturers and work directly with them to get you an excellent product at an unbelievable price.

In case you’re not entirely convinced of why it makes sense to buy your plantation shutters factory direct we’ll walk you through the benefits in terms of price, choice and service.

Why You Should Buy Plantation Shutters Direct?

Sure, you can go into a general window covering shop selling blinds and curtains and search for plantation shutters there, but we bet you haven’t considered everything you’ll be giving up by going that route. In particular:

  • The best price. We cut out the middle man and get your plantation shutters direct from the manufacturer. We don’t buy via a shutter importer or middle man. That means we pay a mark up which is more often than not passed on to you, the customer.
  • Working with the plantation shutter specialists. We only do wooden shutters and we only sell them direct. Because of that focus, our team has the right experience to walk you through the decisions and options available. We also know how to get around all the tricky situations like odd window shapes and difficult to dress windows.
  • More choice. How many times have we fallen in love with something in a store’s catalogue only to be told it’s out of stock and might not be back “until next season.” With West Pier, you buy plantation shutters direct from a trusted manufacturer and that means that what you see on our site is what’s available to order. Every order is custom made, just for you.
  • See before you buy. Whether buying for DIY installation or via our team of expert shutter installers, we help you visualise the different options available and how you can change the look of your home with plantation shutters. With a free Design Consultation, we’ll give a much clearer picture than trying to hold a catalogue up in front of your window.
Get the best quality and value when buying your shutters direct

Why Is Buying Direct the Only Way to Get the Best Price?

No matter whether they are big box home improvement stores or specialty window covering boutiques, retailers pay rent, staffing and other costs. More significantly, they pay a mark up due to buying via a middle man.

That last part, especially, means that stores charge a premium to customers who want to choose. Whether it’s colour, configuration, material or size expect to pay more with a regular retailers versus a shutter specialist.

When you buy plantation shutters via a regular shop, they often go through many steps of shipping and handling — which adds considerably to the cost. Basically – you pay a premium for your shutters due to having an importer in the supply chain. We help you order shutters direct from the manufacturer and have them sent to your home for DIY or installed by us.

All of these are reasons why buying plantation shutters online is the best way to get the cheapest price.

More About Ordering Directly

The process of ordering plantation shutters direct is fun and exciting. You get to choose:

  • Your shutter’s configuration. Full height, café or tier on tier?
  • How big do you want the louvred slats to be? Ours come in four different shutter slat sizes.
  • Stain or paint? And then what colour or finish?

It should be said that there is such a thing as overly designed shutters. You want your personalisations to be subtle and refined — think a bespoke suit rather than souped-up Honda Civic. So, take your time and keep in mind how all the elements will work together.

If that seems like a lot of choices to make and you’d like a bit of expert advice, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have a team of trained experts whose job it is to help you find the perfect shutters for you.

Buy direct and get exactly what you want.

Buy Direct and Have Your Shutters Conveniently Delivered

Buying plantation shutters from a store comes with the awkward question of how you’re going to get them home. The call comes that your order is ready and then you have to trudge back to the store and figure out how to wedge the boxes into the back seat.

It’s much easier to customise your design, click order and wait to have your plantation shutters delivered directly to your home. When you buy direct from us your shutter panels, frame and hardware are carefully packaged in separate boxes and sent directly to your door.

Our Dedicated Team Is Here to Help

It can be difficult to get a staff member at an out of town home improvement store to care about your questions. They’re super busy and, most importantly, they’re more shutter expects. This problem is magnified post purchase if you need assistance if you’ve chosen the DIY shutters installation route.

At West Pier, we have a trained staff of friendly associates who are always happy to help walk you through the finer points of ordering and installing plantation shutters.

What exactly does that mean? Well, we can help if you:

  • Are not sure what the difference is between café and tier on tier shutters.
  • Want to make doubly certain you’re properly measuring your window.
  • Need advice on how to order custom shutters for an unusual-shaped window.
  • Get stuck while working through the DIY installation process.

Custom Solutions Are Easier When Buying Direct

Big box stores are designed to sell essentially the same thing to every customer. The more your needs vary from the average the more uncomfortable they seem. At West Pier, our process is designed to treat our valued customers as individuals.

We pride ourselves on being particularly good at handling difficult shutter situations. Maybe you:

  • Need shutters for an arch-topped window.
  • Want your shutters made in an uncommon colour.
  • Have to find shutters to find an oval-shaped window.

All of these custom shutter orders are available when you get your wooden shutters direct.

Get Custom Plantation Shutters Direct from the Manufacturer

Consistent Supply When Buying Plantation Shutters Direct

Plantation shutters are timeless, so we find that our customers never get tired of the design. You may find that you like them so much once they’re installed in your living room that you want to add them to your bedroom.

Retailers often switch suppliers or change what shutters they make available. That’s not a problem when you order direct from the best shutters suppliers like West Pier. We’ve found the best manufacturers and are committed to offering the same design even if you only do part of your house and want to come back for the rest at a later date.

Because simple elegance and a strong focus on functionality are the essential elements of plantation shutters, it’s easy to spot when they don’t quite match. Knowing that you can return as a customer for the same thing you have but for a different is one of the best reasons to buy plantation shutters direct.

Get Your Plantation Shutters Direct From the Manufacturer

At West Pier Shutters, we specifically chose to sell our plantation shutters direct because we know it is best for our customers. Compared to retail, we offer:

  • Specialized expertise by only focussing on plantation shutters.
  • More options (size, style, colour, finish) for personalizing your wooden shutters.
  • Wooden shutters custom designed to fit unusual windows.
  • Direct delivery to your home when your shutters are ready to be installed.

Plantation shutters are an attractive, eye-catching feature that will add a special elegance to your home. Instead of trying to pick them up at the same store that sells nails, toilet plungers and wheelbarrows, order your shutters direct from specialized experts.

Reach us out to us via our online form and we’ll walk you through the process of ordering your plantation shutters direct.