How Much Do Shutters Cost?

It’s pretty obvious from the name that plantation shutters hail originally from the American South. There, they were a necessity on old rambling mansions built in a sub-tropical climate.

Needless to say, they’ve now become a popular decor choice around the world, including in the UK. Plantation shutters are dramatic and attractive — they offer both a classic and timeless touch but also the chance to contemporise with a splash of colour.

But do you need to have a mansion budget in order to afford these shutters?

Not at all. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised when you find out how much shutters cost. By working directly with top producers, West Pier delivers on our commitment to getting our customers the shutters that work for them without blowing their budget.

How to Get a Sense of the Cost of Shutters in the UK

There are a few factors that determine the cost of getting shutters installed in your home.

The most important variable is the size of your windows. Roughly speaking, you should expect to pay between £175 and £350 per square metre. To get a very basic sense, think of an average window as being about one square metre.

Depending on a wide range of options, most homeowners spend at least £1,500 on window shutters for their home.

Material will have a large effect on the cost of your shutters.

Material Has A Big Effect on the Cost of Shutters

Picking a material will be one of the first decisions you make. And you’ll notice quickly that all plantation shutter companies divide their products by material. At West Pier, options break down like this:

  • Basswood is the most affordable option. It’s plentiful and easy to work with. Unless we state otherwise, all price estimates in this post are based on basswood as the material.
  • A smooth hardwood increases the cost by between 30-40%. Shutters made with this material have a heavier weight and a slight more classic look.
  • Hardwood options with a distinctive grain pattern, such as elm, take the cost up by 40-50%. Shutters made with grained hardwood are particularly timeless and a dark richness to the shutters’ appearance.

Within the wood options, the variations are more subtle and your budget may be what picks for you.

Cost of Installing Shutters

The cost of having wooden shutters installed by a professional usually runs about £75/hour. There is a chance this will vary depending on where in the UK you live and how complicated your project is.

It’s worth noting that we current have installers available to service the following areas:

The cost of plantation shutters is inevitably higher if you choose to have them installed by a professional.

Situations That Will Affect the Cost of Plantation Shutters

Obviously, we haven’t seen what your windows look like and the costs discussed here are just estimates. We can tell you that there are a few factors that will add a bit to your estimate:

  • Certain trim materials around a window can be more difficult than others to install plantation windows into and that can bump the installation cost up a bit.
  • If your window is triangular, diamond-shaped or has a fan-shaped top the cost is likely to be a bit higher than the usual per-square-metre cost.
  • Very tall windows or windows placed very high on a wall can be a bit more difficult to install shutters on and that might boost the cost a bit.

You’re unlikely to find that any of these provisos truly blow your budget. Just keep in mind that they may mean adjusting your expectation slightly.

What About Shutters on Bay Windows?

For the most part, bay windows—whether box, three-section or curved—are just like any other window. But you should estimate the cost for bay window plantation shutters based on the amount of glass, so to speak, rather than the size of its opening in your wall.

Bay window shutters cost around the same as other windows, unless the size of the glass is much larger.

In effect, that means that when you’re starting the process and very roughly estimating costs, you should be careful to think of a three-section bay window as three windows, not one.

Naturally, a curved bay window with many sections will require more finely detailed work and that will mean a higher installation cost.

Ways to Reduce How Much Plantation Shutters Cost

The best place to start, if your budget is tight, is to order online and handle the installation yourself. At West Pier, we work directly with our trusted manufacturing partners and that means we pass along the best price to you.

Café style shutters only cover the lower part of a window and because of that, they offer some unique, functional benefits. But they also reduce the per-window cost of installing shutters.

Our customers start with the impression that window shutters are classic and premium decor items that improve their wellbeing and add value to their home. They end up with the idea that our shutters are more affordable than expected.

Can You Make Your Own Plantation Shutters to Reduce Costs?

Well, sure, in theory it could be cheaper to make your own window and door shutters from scratch.

All things considered though, we’re confident our do it yourself shutter blinds will end up much more affordable and get you the best result.

What Makes Shutters Worth Their Cost?

It goes without saying that we’re big fans of plantation shutters. We know from experience that homeowners love them because they tell us. From the feedback we’ve gathered, here’s what we’ve heard:

  • Durable and permanent: Plantation shutters are remarkably resistant to wear and tear—they’re designed to be used and will last for years. They’ve also been in style for a very long time so you won’t be tempted to change them out in favour of new trends. That means that when calculating what shutters will cost, you should divide it over years or decades.
  • Natural light control: We all love sunlight but sometimes you want to tone it down a bit. Tilted shut louvres give just the right amount of light for your space.
  • Maintain privacy: Sometimes you don’t need George and Sheila from next door to see the TV show you’re watching in your living room on a Wednesday night. That’s the time to close your shutters.
  • Versatility: Tilt bars are used to set each panel in just the right position for your needs. And with café or tier on tier shutters, you have the option of fully opening the top sections to let in light while leaving the bottom closed to maintain privacy.
  • Temperature control: Shutters help defray their cost by keeping out unwanted draughts are saving on your home heating bill.
  • Easy cleaning: Interior window shutters are made of durable wood or vinyl. Wipe them down quickly and they look like new. Can you say that about curtains?

Figuring Out How Much Shutters Cost

Obviously, shutters will not be the cheapest option when it comes time to cover the windows in your home. They’re a durable, timeless statement that makes a remarkably positive impact on how a room feels and how you’ll feel living in your house.

We’re confident you’ll decide on our shutters and that will mean taking exact measurements and getting a detailed quote. But, in the meantime, you can get a rough sense by considering:

  • How much area do you need to cover with shutters?
  • Are you keen on premium finish options like hardwood with a visible grain?
  • Who is responsible for installing shutters in your home? Are you going to do it yourself or will you hire a professional?

All that said, we think you’ll be positively surprised by the affordable cost of shutters. That goes doubly once you consider the decades of enjoyment you’ll derive once your shutters are installed.

Drop us a line today and we’ll start you on the process of getting just the right shutters in your existing home or new build.