Plantation Shutters Installed

The windows in our homes let in light and give us a view of the world around us.

How we choose to cover them says a lot about how we want our home to look and tells our neighbours about our style and taste.

Choosing plantation shutters shows them that you care about elegant, timeless style while maintaining practicality.

At West Pier, we value building a connection to our neighbours and offer installation and design services throughout the UK.

How to Get Plantation Shutters Installed

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at West Pier Shutters. If you choose to work with our Shutter Design & Installation team, we’ll make sure the process is a friendly and hassle-free one.

Here’s a walk-through of a typical customer’s process from start to having their plantation shutters installed:

  • Someone from our experienced and well-trained team will visit your home. They’ll discuss options that best suit your decor and space. This is a no-cost, no-commitment visit.
  • We can help you measure the windows and decide on details like where to put the mid rail and how big the slats should be.
  • Once your shutters have been delivered from our trusted manufacturers we’ll return to your home and complete the installation process. Our courteous and professional installers will carefully mount the shutter frame and get the plantation shutters installed into it.

How Far Does Our Coverage Area Extend?

We offer our shutter services throughout the UK. West Pier Shutters installation teams can visit your home in:

  • Bristol where plantation shutters have become popular for their heritage evoking appearance. Our team here also covers Bath.
  • Just down the coast from us, we’re pleased to offer installation services in Brighton as well as here in Hove and in nearby Eastbourne.
  • Our neighbours in Southampton also appreciate the option for full-service installation. From there, we also cover Portsmouth, Winchester and Bournemouth.

If you’re in doubt about whether your home falls into our installation area, gives us a call or reach out by email.

What If You Prefer to Do Shutters Yourself?

With a focus on quality, we are on hand to help both for our DIY customers and Fitted For You.

It isn’t for everyone, but getting your plantation shutters installed is a manageable DIY project.

And if you choose to put your shutters up yourself, we’ll be here to help. All customers get a phone call from us to confirm their order before we send it to the manufacturer. This gives us the chance to check details.

Your Plantation Shutters

Whether you choose DIY or to have your shutters fully installed, West Pier is with you for the whole process. When planning your installation remember that:

  • Our consultation visit is free and comes with no obligation.
  • Trained installers will measure your windows and then we’ll start the manufacturing process to make sure your shutters perfectly suit your needs.
  • Experienced team members from West Pier will complete the installation once your shutters have been manufactured and are ready to go up.

Get in touch through our website or by email and we’ll start a discussion about how we can get you set up with the plantation shutters of your dreams.