Bay Window Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters add eye-catching visual interest to a home. They also give you an impressive amount of control over the light, airflow and privacy that will affect how comfortable you are in your living space.

In the same way, a bay window creates a focal point on a wall in a way that a traditional window can’t manage. They are distinctive and catch light from three angles instead of one.

Curtains or traditional blinds just don’t suit a bay window the way plantation shutters do. The two elements create a complementary elegance that flows into one display.

A bay window with plantation shutters is the best of both worlds. You maintain all the desirable features of your bay window and add functional control all with a light touch.

Why Bay Windows and Plantation Shutters Go So Well Together

Both a bay window and interior window shutters are deliberate design choices that make a statement. They complement each other because:

  • Bay windows do an excellent job of bringing light into a room from three directions. If you have a bay window with plantation shutters, you get finer control over how much light gets in.
  • Because they are so attractive, bay windows often go into the front of a house where plantation shutters can help maintain privacy.
  • A bay window creates space in a room that can be used as a reading nook or breakfast room and plantation shutters will help to maintain a comfortable temperature in the area.
  • Both bay windows and plantation shutters catch the eye and the fine options to customise your shutters mean that you can control the visual statement they make.

Options for Plantation Shutters in a Bay Window

As with any window, you have a number of ways in which you can lay out your bay window plantation shutters:

  • Full-height shutters are popular choices, partly because bay windows are usually wider than they are tall.
  • Café style shutters work particularly well in street-facing bay windows where you want to block out some noise, maintain privacy and still have plenty of natural light in your living space.
  • Similar to full-height, tier-on-tier shutters also work in bay windows. You can control the panels and slats separately top and bottom.

All three shutter configurations can be installed in a box bay or three section bay window.

Plantations Shutters for Bay Windows: Cost Considerations

Generally, there are no special costs to install plantation shutters in a bay window versus a flat window. As with other applications, the cost of these shutters is determined by the number of square metres you need to cover and the choices you make about the material and finish.

Because of their timeless elegance and sturdy functionality, plantation shutters end up saving you money in the long run. Our customers also find that West Pier Shutters add noticeable value to their home when it comes time to sell.

Because we sell direct to you and work directly with some of the best shutter manufacturers in the world, price is one of the strongest reasons to choose West Pier Shutters.

How Are Plantation Shutters for Curved Bay Windows Installed?

Curved bay windows offer all of the advantages you get with a traditional bay window but add a gentle elegance to the design. The windows usually come in four-, five-, six-, or even seven-panel configurations.

Regardless of the size of the bay window, it is entirely possible to install plantation shutters to fit.

The one limitation that comes with curved bay windows is that each window section should have its own shutter frame and usually a single hinged shutter panel for each frame. That means that the middle panels will not be able to bi-fold onto the panels beside them.

Because of this (admittedly slight) restriction, some customers will opt for a larger size slat to let more light in.

Why Bay Windows and Plantation Shutters go so Well Together

Depending on the size and shape of a bay window, it can be very difficult—verging on impossible to install blinds on curtains over a bay window in an attractive fashion.

By contrast, plantation shutters are striking and never go out of style. They are easier to maintain and the final cost can easily be less than what you’d pay for custom-made curtains.

At West Pier Shutters, we have plenty of experience working with customers who want to install our plantation shutters on their bay window. Drop us a line and we’ll start work on a quote for your project.