Cafe Style Shutters: Plantation Half Window Shutters

Sometimes creating a home design means choosing either form or function.

You’d like to maintain a casual aesthetic with benches for your dining table, but they don’t offer any back support. Or you feel that you need to put a television somewhere but don’t want it to become the room’s sole focus.

The strongest suit for plantation shutters is that they do both. You get fine control over natural light, the airflow in your room while maintaining your privacy. All that while adding an attractive visual element—possibly with a splash of colour or traditional appearance — to your room.

Café style shutters are particularly good at emphasizing both function and form. They protect privacy through the bottom of the window while letting in heaps of sunlight through the top.

Why Opt for Café Style Plantation Shutters

Once installed, plantation shutters are remarkably flexible. You can open them all the way or leave one panel closed. Tilt bars let you set the position of the louvres to control light, airflow and privacy.

But there are some situations when you’ll want shutters on only the bottom part of your window. This is where café style half shutters come in.

Common reasons for choosing them include:

  • A window that looks out onto the street, a shared driveway or directly into a close neighbour’s window.
  • Furniture under a window that makes it easier to have the bottom half always covered and the top half always open regardless of the time of day.
  • North-facing windows where the amount of light is fairly constant throughout the day and it’s always good to have some coming in through the top of the window.

Tier on tier plantation shutters is another option that will work in most of these situations. But half shutters have a slightly lighter look to them, are a bit easier to operate on very tall windows and have a lower cost if you’re looking to buy shutters on a lower budget.

Cafe Style Plantation Half Shutters
Café style window shutters are great for bathrooms that need the flexibility to allow privacy and natural light.

Are Café Style Shutters Easy to Install?

If ordering shutters for self installation, when you order café style shutters online via West Pier Shutters you get the same level of support and thorough instructions as you would with any of our other shutter configurations.

Just like with full height or tier on tier shutters, getting your café style shutters in place is a simple matter of installing the frame and mounting the shutters on it.

Of course, if DIY isn’t your thing, our team of helpful installers are ready to measure and fit your new shutters for you.

Price of Café Style Shutters

At West Pier Shutters, we are always able to deliver a great price because we work directly with the best manufacturers to create your shutters.

Café style half shutters are usually the same price as full height shutters on a per-square-metre basis. Naturally, because you’re only covering half of the window area, your costs will be less than full-height options.

The exact price of café style shutters will vary depending on the specifications of your project and the finish you select. Options include economical basswood, smooth poplar and elm with its characterful and traditional grain.

Half shutters in a study.

Complementing Café Style Window Shutters With Curtains

In some situations, our customers choose to add curtains on top of cafe plantation shutters. There are a few different reasons to go this route.

If windows are spaced widely apart, curtains can add visual weight to a wall. They also give the option of adding a coordinating or contrasting colour to your shutters. You might opt for curtains if you think you’ll want to change this extra colour as fashions change.

Sometimes rooms need to serve more than one purpose depending on the time of day. So, for instance, curtains above café style window shutters can block out light for a bedroom that becomes a sunny office (when the curtains are open) during the day.

The Advantages of Café Style Shutters

There are several reasons or situations when we recommend café style shutters for our customers. Major ones include:

  • Street-facing windows where you always want to maintain privacy through the bottom of the window.
  • The cost savings from only covering half of your window.
  • They have a distinctive look that evokes the Parisian businesses with which they share their name.

Café style might not be where you start thinking about plantation shutters. But do reach out and we’ll be happy to help you figure out if they work for your home.