Made to Measure Custom Plantation Shutters for Windows

Shutters stand out from other window coverings for a number of reasons.

They announce their functionality — maximum control over light, privacy and airflow — with their appearance. But that look also gives them a timeless elegance that fits into traditional and contemporary designs.

Speaking of fitting, custom shutters can also be made to suit odd-shaped windows, ones with arched tops and even French doors with a special design to accommodate the handles.

Made to measure shutters have become popular with UK home owners for all of these reasons. Understandably, you might not be familiar with all the options for customizing shutters to fit your needs.

Below we’ll walk you through the options available to you for customizing the finish, colour, shape and size for your custom plantation shutters.

Custom Design Choices for Shutters

Below, we’ll explain many of the situations when you may want a non-standard shape for your plantation blinds. Awkwardly shaped windows are great reason to order custom designed shutters for your home.

However, aesthetics are an equally good reason to go for bespoke plantation shutters. Getting your windows to look just right with a stylish window covering is one of the main benefits of interior window shutters.

Colour is Critical for Window Shutters

Whether you’re after just the right shade of white so that your shutters blend in, or want a splashier colour like bright yellow or sage green so that they stand out, custom made shutters can be the ticket for you.

Custom window shutter colours give the exact style you've been looking for.

At West Pier, we can help you find the exact right colour for your custom shutters — whether you want them to complement or contrast with an existing palette.

Material Makes All the Difference

It’s easy to think that all types of wood are the same for plantation shutters. Not so!

Poplar is a similar weight to basswood and gives the appearance of long-lasting durability. One level up, hardwood elm has an attractive grain that takes wonderfully to a wood stain finish.

Customise the material used when you work with West Pier Shutters

As you dig into the options for your custom shutters you’ll be amazed at how individual you can make your shutters look.

The size of the louvred slats in your shutters can also be used to emphasize your choice of wood finish. For instance, wide louvres have a classic appearance that does an especially good job of showing off the grain in hardwood shutters.

Custom Arched Window Shutters

Arch-top windows are notoriously difficult to cover. Your choices are mainly compromises like a fixed piece of decorative, translucent fabric (difficult to clean, looks worn quickly) or curtains on curved rods (strange appearance).

Arched window shutters are perfectly unique.

Plantation shutters can be an optimal solution for all types of windows that don’t have a square top. Custom arched window shutters can be made to work in a variety of shapes including perfect arches, sunbursts and eyebrow arches.

If your arch-top window is set into a recess from the wall, it may be possible to cover the whole recess with an inside-mounted, standard rectangular set of shutters.

Other Odd Shaped Windows

Not all windows are rectangular. Hexagons, octagons, circles, ovals and triangles are all somewhat common shapes for custom windows.

Because the windows don’t have a consistent width, blinds are a poor choice for these windows. (And even if curtains don’t look strange in the small space these windows usually fill, they will definitely obstruct the whole reason for the window’s design — an eye-catching shape.)

Made to measure shutter shapes and styles are our speciality.

A custom window calls for custom wooden shutters. They can be made to perfectly fit the intriguing shape of the window and maintain its strong aesthetic effect. And, of course, the best part of plantation shutters is that they’re always functional for letting light into a room.

Custom Shutters for Doors

Some French doors have a section “cut out” from the glass for the handle that opens the doors. Obviously, any covering you buy for the door will have to leave the handle exposed so that you can still open the door.

This is a perfect job for custom plantation shutters. We have lots of experience with getting made-to-measure shutters to look just right when installed on a French door.

When made and measured to fit, shutters look great over French doors.

The Process for Custom Shutters

At West Pier Shutters, we’re experts in all things shutters. Whether looking to order custom shutters online that you install or make an appointment for a shutter expert to visit your home, we can offer a depth of shutter knowledge few companies can match.

For projects requiring specific attention — like we’ve outlined in this guide — we’d rather have one of our trained and experienced agents talk to you by phone or in home. That way, you can rest easy that we understand exactly what your dream looks like.

That means discussing details like:

  • The shape of the window or door you want to cover with made-to-measure shutters.
  • Special considerations for how the shutters will open.
  • Design features like a non-standard colour for your shutters.

Our agent will also be able to give you an idea of how long it will take to manufacture your custom shutters and what the price will be.

Make Custom Plantation Shutters Your Own

Shutters have a broad range of characteristics that can be controlled to make them perfectly fit your aesthetic design. In particular, you can:

  • Install them in a window’s arched top to continue the shutter design from the main window.
  • Choose their colour, finish and other details to make your shutters stand out and underline your individual taste.
  • Fit them into windows and doors that other options aren’t suited for.

All of that flexibility has propelled made to measure shutters to the top of the UK market. The surprisingly affordable price has also definitely helped.

Get in touch today and we’ll start walking you through your options for the perfect custom shutters to suit your home.