Interior Shutter Doors for French, Patio & Sliding Doors

Gone are the days when home design had to be only about function. Advances in building materials and techniques mean doors can be made mostly from glass without sacrificing security or being prohibitively expensive.

Sliding patio and French doors grant the same advantage as a large window: They help fill a room with light and allow attractive views into your back garden or the park across the street.

But as doors come to resemble windows they have the same need for a covering. Sometimes you don’t want all of that light streaming in or you want control over your privacy. Especially at night, a bare patio door can look quite foreboding.

That’s where interior shutters can deliver the Shutters for French doors in the UK

What Kind of Doors do Interior Shutters Work Best On?

Roughly speaking, any door with lots of glass is a strong candidate for plantation shutters. Because of how well they control light and privacy, plantation blinds for patio sliding doors are increasingly popular with UK homeowners.

French doors, especially ones that open outwards, are always a good place to install interior shutters.

Because they are taller than the stardard height for ready-made curtains, shutters can be an affordable option for French and sliding doors.

Added Functionality for Interior Shutters on Doors

By their nature, doors are usually taller than windows. That means that interior shutters for doors will need to have more mid-rails — the fixed horizontal piece that adds stability between sections of slats — to ensure the door maintains its sturdiness.

Just like leading between panes of glass, this adds visual interest to the shutters and can make them more eye-catching, depending on the colour.

The functional benefit to having more mid-rails is that you get to separately control the tilt of each section of louvres. So, for instance, you might choose to open the top sections so that light gets in while keeping the bottom closed to maintain privacy. Conversely, you could open the bottom sections to let a cool breeze in while keeping the sunshine out by having the top sections closed.

Design Considerations When Choosing Interior Shutters for Your Doors

In terms of colour, the same considerations apply to shutters for doors as they do for ones meant to cover a window. Namely:

  • You will probably want to match the colour of door shutters to what you’ve used for other shutters in your home, especially on the same storey. Almost always, door shutters should be the same colour as window shutters on the same wall.
  • The colour of shutters can either match or complement the colour of the doorjamb.
  • Keep in mind that a door is basically a very tall window, so that greater area will magnify how much a shutter made from a dark or bright colour will dominate the room’s colour pallette.

Configuring Interior Shutter Doors

Just as with window shutters, shutters for French or patio doors come in a range of configurations. Most customers consider:

  • Full-height shutters as the first option for their door covering.
  • Tier-on-tier shutters only in very rare circumstances. Remember that they have to opened separately and if you pass through the door more than very occasionally this can be inconvenient.
  • A solid, raised panel for the bottom section of their full-height shutter as a classic option. And if all of the windows in a room are covered with raised panel shutters, you may want to do the same for the door.

One of the unheralded advantages of installing interior shutter over a door is that you can place the mid rail to hide the door handle and other hardware.

Other Applications for Shutters on Doors

If your home has a French door connecting two rooms, plantation blinds are a great way to cover the door.

Maybe you want to convert one of the rooms the door opens into to make it a bedroom and you’d like control over privacy or natural light. Or maybe the French door opens into an office and you’d like to be able to keep as much noise out as possible.

Either way, plantation shutters are the most practical and attractive option for interior doors.

Plantation Shutters Not Just For Windows

Shutters for French doors are becoming a popular go-to in the UK. Think practically about how you use a certain door:

  • Is it basically a taller window?
  • Do you have privacy or security concerns about a glass door that interior shutters would help alleviate?
  • Is the surrounded by windows that will look best with shutters installed on them?

A “yes” to any of these means that you should probably consider plantation shutters a leading option for covering your door. Let us know how we can help you get your shutter project off the ground.