Dormer Window Blinds: Shutters Are An Elegant Solution

Certain houses just have a tasteful and classic way of presenting themselves. Walking down the street, you don’t immediately know why but your eye is comfortably drawn to a neighbour’s home and you give them a silent compliment.

Like a well-manicured hedge, clean brickwork or a copper-tile roof, dormer windows are a feature that can create this impression. Dormers are visually interesting and also very practical, adding to space in the home. They are an aesthetic detail that breaks up a flat patch of roof, but they also let light into what could otherwise be a dark upstairs room.

In a lot of ways that sounds very much like the advantages of plantation blinds; you get curb appeal and more control over your living space.

Luckily, it’s much cheaper to add plantation blinds to a dormer window than it is to install a new dormer.

This buying guide is best for people wanting vertical blinds for dormer windows and other difficult shaped windows. You’ll discover why you should consider shutters for your dormer windows over other options and what to watch out for.

Practical Reasons for Dormer Window Shutters

There usually is something under most dormers windows. That furniture could be a bed, a desk or a reading chair.

In any case, many blinds on dormer windows will overshoot their target and hit you in the head just as you’re settling down in bed for a chapter of your book.

This is especially true if you want them to function like blackout blinds, keeping all light out. Typical blinds like roman blinds are far from a perfect fit! But more importantly, while roman blinds have trouble creating a complete blackout effect, they don’t allow for adjusting light levels during the day either – a great consideration if you are using your room as a home office.

When the window is open to catch a breeze, blinds can blow back and forth and make a racket—or even see slats damaged when they bang against a wall. Plantation shutters will stay in place when closed, even if the louvres are open to allow airflow.

The small size of most dormer windows means it will be inexpensive to put a plantation shutter into them. That makes them a great way to get started on window shutters if you have a tight budget.

Dormers are usually in rooms that are separate from the main living area in a house and that you wouldn’t normally pass through. That means you can choose a colour for your blinds without clashing with other shutters elsewhere in your house.

The Visual Appeal of Dormer Shutters

Dormers stand out. They are like towers on a castle or eyes on your head. Doesn’t it naturally follow that you’ll want to dress them as attractively as possible?

By their nature, dormer window shutters are classic and elegant. Once you consider the various material options, not to mention the wide range of colours, their aesthetic suitability for a dormer becomes obvious.

Depending on which way the windows face (as well as a few other factors) a room with dormer windows can get a bit dark at certain times in the day. Imagine how much lightness a clean white (or even tasteful yellow) shutter could add to your space.

Installing Dormer Window Blinds

With very few exceptions dormer windows are relatively small and square or rectangular. That means the frames will be a cinch to put together and the panels will be relatively light.

It’s also likely that they’re at an easy-to-reach height from the floor.

As far as DIY installations go for interior window shutters, dormers can be one of the easiest we can think of as the shutters are installed in a frame and swing back neatly to the side. You may not even need a helping hand to complete the job.

That said, the dormer’s roof and side walls could make the space a tight squeeze for installation. When planning and measuring you’ll also want to take this space into account when deciding on an inside or outside mount.

And, naturally, you’ll also want to think about how the size of the dormer affects how your shutter opens on its hinges. Whether DIY or Done-For-You, we can help.

Plantation Shutters: The Easy Choice for Dormer Windows

Dormers and plantation blinds are classically elegant features that complement each other’s appearance. But they don’t just row in time together. They also:

  • Are a good practical match because plantation blinds are fitted exactly to a small window like a dormer.
  • Amplify each other’s practical features in terms of allowing fresh air and light into a room.
  • Can be an economical way to try plantation shutters out on one part of your home.

Plenty of customers report to us how satisfied they are with their dormer window shutters. Get in touch and we’ll start you on the process for getting your own plantation shutters made.