Solid Wood Panel Window Shutters

Solid Interior window shutters are going through a renaissance of popularity in the UK. Traditionally installed in many Victorian and Edwardian homes, they are now very popular in contemporary homes as well as replacement shutters in traditional styles of home.

At the same time that they give you the chance to make your space individually yours they can also connect your home to a classic sense of style.

Adding visual interest, a flash of colour, and keeping your space cool and dark are all good reasons to opt for solid interior window shutters.

Solid panel shutters take all of the characteristics or shutters up a notch. When closed, they might as well be part of your wall but open they let light and fresh air into your home.

What Exactly Are Solid Panel Shutters?

This type of interior wooden window shutter replacing the louvres that sometimes fill the inside of a shutter panel with a raised piece of solid wood. Like other interior window shutters, they are hung from hinges, within a frame, on one or both sides of a window.

Options for Making Solid Wood Shutters Work in Your Space

The panels can swing away from the window or open by folding onto itself, concertina-style. What works best for you will partly depend on the width and height of your window and also how many other windows are on the same wall.

Just like louvred shutters, you can choose to install your solid wood shutters in a café or tier-on-tier configuration. With these options, you can have more flexibility and let light in through the top of your window maintaining privacy through the bottom.

For floor-to-ceiling windows or doors, you might want a hybrid option that has a solid raised panel on the bottom and louvres on the top.

Finally, nothing says you can’t paint your own design onto the inside of your shutters — for instance, a starscape for a child’s bedroom. Naturally, a solid shutter is a much better canvas for this option.

Solid Wood Shutters in a Bedroom

Benefits of Solid Wood Shutters

A solid window shutter does a remarkably good job of shutting out light and noise.

In summer, they do a very good job of keeping your living space cool and shady. While, in the winter, they’ll help keep out drafts.

Aesthetically, they have an unrivaled, traditional style that most people notice the moment they enter a room.

With some easily added hardware, they can also increase the security for a particular window.

Solid Window Shutters Have a Classic Style

Even more than plantation shutters, solid panel shutters convey a specific and intentionally classic style. Obviously, their various configurations mean that you can have some control over how much visual weight the shutters add to your windows.

They have an unmatched way of saying that you have moved your family to Corfu and are enjoying life to its fullest potential.

What Rooms Do Solid Wood Shutters Work Best In?

Solid shutters are not for everyone. We find the customers who want them have a very specific look and space in mind for their shutters. Usually, they do best in:

  • Bedrooms, where customers report that children sleep better in the very dark and quiet space a solid wood shutter can create.
  • Rooms that have a centuries-old look to them like a farmhouse kitchen with a dark floor and wood countertops.
  • Spaces you only use occasionally and for specific purposes, such as an office or a library.

Because they are either open or closed, solid shutters are not best for spaces like halls, landings on stairs or sitting rooms that might want to have some natural light while you pass through.

Considerations for Solid Panel Shutters

Compared to wooden louvre blinds or shutters, the solid panel option does have a few characteristics to keep in mind. Specifically:

  • You don’t get as fine control over where they are between fully open and fully closed.
  • The price will depend on a variety of options, but solid panel shutters are usually a bit more expensive than louvred shutters.
  • More material means that solid shutters can be a bit heavier than shutters with slats so you’ll want to take extra care when handling and installing them.

Solid Window Shutters for Your Home

To some extent, louvred slats are the calling card for plantation shutters. But solid raised window shutters are just as distinctive and in some cases more appropriate.

This option goes especially well if you want:

  • To keep as much light and noise as possible out of a room in your house.
  • An especially strong traditional appearance for your shutters.
  • Even more security than usual, perhaps for the main floor windows in a weekend getaway.

At West Pier, we’re confident you’ll find a window shutter style that works for you, whether it has louvred slats or raised solid panels.