White Wooden Plantation Window Shutters

Plantation shutters have a long history and a current vogue as a very popular interior window covering.

There are a lot of reasons to consider interior window shutters. They come in a variety of formats and are easily controlled to manage how much light and air get into a room.

But they’re also a striking element with a classic sense of style. Practically, they can help keep a room comfortably cool on a hot summer afternoon.

Those last two characteristics apply doubly to white plantation shutters. At West Pier Shutters, we think there is so much to recommend this colour for your home that we created an entire guide for it.

The Beauty of White Wooden Window Shutters

It’s easy to see how flexible white is by noting the things (with only slight overlap) white wooden shutters can do for your living space. In particular, they:

  • Add a clean, minimalist look to a room.
  • Match white window casements (a popular and classic colour) and therefore make the windows look bigger.
  • Complement a wide variety of design styles and won’t steal the show from other accent pieces in your room.
  • Give your home a breezy, tropical feel that makes you feel like you’re always on vacation.

White Shutters Help Moderate Temperature

Compared to parts of the world with a sub-tropical climate, California shutters (another term for Plantation Shutters) in the UK are not as much of a necessity for temperature control. But maybe you have a south-facing bay window that you want to put plantation shutters into. Or maybe you have a particularly bedroom that you want to keep cool in the morning.

Because white does an excellent job of reflecting sunlight, it’s the best option if heat control is your top priority.

For this characteristic, there is no real difference between shades of white, so go ahead and pick that pure white or off-white tone you have your eye on.

Is All White the Same?

Not by a long shot. As the most popular colour, white comes in a diverse palette of shades. For instance:

  • Pure White gives an eye-catching, bright element to your room.
  • Silk White or Bisque has a slightly more classic look that gives the impression of age.
  • Ivory and Cream are a touch warmer and well-suited to a room that has been decorated with a darker colour palette.

That versatility is what makes white such a popular colour for California shutters with our UK customers.

White Plantation Shutters Are a Timeless Option

There is something classic and always appropriate about white as an interior design colour. Unlike, say, turquoise blue or sage green, white is always in style. Also, it weathers well and white wooden window shutters do a great job of looking the same — or better — as the day they were installed.

What to Watch Out For With White Wooden Window Shutters

There are several big advantages to going with white for your plantation shutters. But this option does come with a couple of provisos.

Obviously, white shows dirt more than any other colour. That’s not a big deal for most applications (because plantation shutters are easy to clean) but probably means that white might not work for places where the shutters might get splashed, like near the cooktop in your kitchen.

Also, take note of how much white is already in your room. Are the walls and ceiling painted white? Is the floor tiled in white? Consider whether you’re okay with the shades of white not matching exactly or how the different materials will change subtly their colour over time.

Wow Your Friends With White Wooden Shutters

White is the leading go-to colour for interior window shutters for a very good set of reasons. In particular:

  • White is a classically elegant colour. It’s timeless and never goes out of style.
  • In a room with a darker colour palette, white shutters will enhance the eye-catching effect that led you to consider plantation shutters in the first place.
  • Many of the practical features that come with plantation shutters are augmented when the wooden louvres are painted white. Notably, white does such a good job of reflecting light that white shutters are particularly good at keeping a room cool.

West Pier is your best option for California shutters in the UK. Fill out our contact form and we’ll be happy to start working on a quote for your plantation shutter project.